Julie Inman

Returning in September 2019

$970,000 GIVEN!! Gave $74,000 this year !! 

The Julie Inman Courage Award & Scholarship by:


SupportAbility, a 5o1c3 non-profit corporation, is a grass roots organization. 91% of your donations goes directly towards Rewarding Courage! We award high school seniors for their tremendous and extraordinary courage. In our early years, we raised money any way we could. We wanted to succeed - our mission was to reward courage to deserving students who overcame tremendous obstacles to graduate high school. As an example, I would buy candy bars at Costco once a month, at bulk prices and resell them for full price to UCI students on a bridge over Campus Drive in Irvine, CA. Often times, I would double my profits!! We were established in 2001. Our fundraising has changed to include our annual Appeals Letter and our gala reception. Over $700,000 has been given to very deserving and courageous high-school seniors who have overcome obstacles to graduate. Courage is a virtue of great importance! To contact us call (949) 854-3331 or send a donation to P.O. Box 4885, Irvine CA  92612.

High school seniors who have faced extraordinary obstacles to graduate (i.e. a disability, the loss of a parent, etc.) deserve recognition and praise. Their spirit, fortitude, and drive to succeed is inspiring. Courage is like an angel without wings.

In 2018, we began our SupportAbility four-year college scholarship! One very generous couple donated $25,000 a year to give a physically disabled student a "college experience." This year, 2019, w also will have a recipient.

Many award recipients of The Julie Inman Courage Award by SupportAbility, have gone on to professional careers. We are so proud of them! They have gone into fields such as nursing, education, sports medicine, law and other careers, and have continued their education in Masters programs. Some even have children and spouses. You are invited to the strength of SupportAbility see for yourself! The power of encouragement and recognition is the key!!

Julie is passionate about sharing her story and journey! Contact me for more info, (949) 854-3331.


We will return in September 2019.

On our way to giving $1,000,000

So far we have awarded over $900,000.

Gala June 19th - very inspirational! 

New fundraiser - greeting cards were sold at                                  our gala!! Raised $1700.

Haley Flores, Covina High School, awarded the second four-year college scholarship. She is enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona in the Fall.

Angel Rivera awarded the first scholarship to a Jr. College!! Awarded to Angel May 7!

Troy High School, Isabelle Madrid, (Dorey's daughter) received the Dorey Madrid courage memorial award. Dorey, her mother, passed away from cancer earlier this school year. She taught English at Troy also. The Awards were May 30, 2019.

Appeals Letter brought in $23,000

Amigos de los Ninos grant= $3000

Miscellaneous donations throughout the school year = $25,000.


*** Thank you all for joining us  June 27, 2018 at our Reception! $20,100 has been raised to date for next year's recipients - many past winners returned to share their stories!


Bich Nguyen is a recent graduate of Saddleback High School, and will be attending USC in Fall 2018. 

Bich was the 1st recipient of the SupportAbility Scholarship, a $100,000, 4-year college scholarship opportunity offered to a physically disabled student. Life-altering!!


To Donate

Please mail tax-deductible donation to:


P.O. Box 4885

Irvine, CA  92616.

For information call

(949) 854-3331  


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